Hors-Série: The Shock of Coming Home

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Pour cette nouvelle année, exexpat le podcast se veut universel.

Parce que rentrer chez soit ce n’est pas facile, peu importe d’où vous venez. Alors pour tous ceux qui ont des amis, des conjoints, de la famille qui parlent anglais, voici le sentiment qu’on a tous ressenti au retour d’expatriation : the shock of coming home.

ExExpat is a podcast about coming home to France after living abroad. But coming home isn't easy, no matter where you're from. So we decided to translate some of our episodes to English, starting with the first: The Shock of Coming Home. So for all of you with relatives, friends and family that speak English, here are a few stories from people who felt that same shock upon arrival.

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And for those of you just joining our community, here’s some more information about us:

Our host is Marjorie Murphy. She’s a journalist and ExExpat. Marjorie lived as an expat in Toronto, Canada for 10 years. Then she came back to France. But coming home was more chaotic than expected, and ended up inspiring this podcast. Through  stories from exexpats and experts, we hope to give listeners the key to an easy return to France after an expatriation, covering each step of the way.

Whether you left a year ago or 20 years ago, you have obviously evolved. But so has France and the French! It didn't just freeze while waiting for you. So these reunions with mother country can sometimes be a real shock. How do we prepare? We talked to Raphaël and Cécile, who have just returned from Canada, with Myriam who came back from Laos after 23 years abroad and with Hélène Conway-Mouret, senator for the French abroad.

You can find the simulator “Retour en France” on the site retour-en-france.simplicite.fr

This episode was produced by a team as international as our podcast:

My co-producer Lory Martinez is an American Expat

Our community manager, Catherine-Amélie Meury is Québécoise

Our artistic director and graphic designer Kunal Balloo is Mauritian

Our composer Leandro Guffanti is Argentinean